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It is not easy to teach kids the number concept for the first time. Remembering the shape and pronunciation, like learning the names for things, is different from learning the number concept because it is impossible for kids to understand, in a short time, the number concept which is developed for millions of years by mankind..This number games application is designed to help kids to understand the number concept in a fun and easy way. Not only they can learn the numbers by the shape and pronunciation, but also better understand the order and concept of numbers by counting the various stuffs which are all beautifully illustrated. Do you want to be good parents? Then, help your kids to take a first step in math with fun and excitement. Functions: - Includes various neat design - Voice system with accurate pronunciation- Beautiful illustrations IF YOUR KIDS LIKE IT, PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK, RATING, OR COMMENTS FOR FUTHER INPUT AND UPDATE. THANKS.Keywords:Baby, child, children, education, children, Polly, baby toys, baby toys, kids toys, children's book, baby books, coloring games, coloring book,Figure study, baby number,math, figure, numeral, number concept

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