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If you like sudoku then you will love this game!In each turn you toss a number over another. You get a score equal to the removed number. If the two numbers were equal, then your score is doubled. That's it.Explore the complexity and the numeric challenges this game offers! Includes hundreds of puzzles and 5 different board sizes for the experts. The game rules are extremely simple and each challenge provides incredible depth of game play.OBJECTIVEBeat your own and other players' high scores while comparing them on the global scoreboards! Scores are calculated by the server from the submitted sequence of moves, so players cannot cheat by submitting false high scores! Scoreboards may be filtered based on tags allowing to play against your family, friends, citizens of your country, etc.Submit your challenges, games, ideas, talk about the game at: might want to like and/or share the game at: VERSION - You will see a score upper bound estimation during the game play. - You will see the scores of all individual moves during the game play. - The Premium Version is free of advertisements. You will be able to focus more on the fun.GAME RULESThe game board is a square consisting of fields. The board size is between 5x5 and 9x9. Each field contains a one digit number between 1 and the size of the board. There is one empty field in the beginning of the game. Numbers can be moved by tossing them over one of their neighbors into an empty field. The move can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal in both directions. The tossed number will be placed into the empty field, and the number it jumped over will be removed. With each move there is one less number on the board. The game is over when there are no more moves. At the end of the game one or more fields may still contain numbers. The score of a move is equal to the number that is removed from the board. This score is doubled when the tossed number and the removed number are equal. Therefore each move has a score between 1 and 18. The goal of the game is to reach the highest possible score.NO CHEATING WITH SCORESThe server calculates the actual score from the submitted sequence of moves by repeating them on the challenge. This technique prevents cheating by rejecting invalid move sequences and ignoring the score calculated by the client. The move sequences of submitted games are never sent to the clients to prevent players repeating other players' results.CHALLENGE X, HIGH SCORESThis scoreboard lists the high scores for a particular challenge. Each line of the table shows one or more players sharing the same high score. The player column shows the name of the player who achieved the score first.CHALLENGE X, PLAYER SCORESThis scoreboard lists the games submitted by a player for a particular challenge.SIZE X, OVERALL SCORESThis scoreboard lists the overall scores achieved by all players for a particular board size. Each line of the table shows one or more players sharing the same overall score. The player column shows the name of the player who registered first.SIZE X, OVERALL PLAYER SCORESThis scoreboard lists the high scores and overall scores achieved by a particular player for all challenges. REQUIRED PERMISSIONSACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - used by the Free Version advertisementsCHECK_LICENSE - used to check the Premium Version licenseGET_ACCOUNTS - used to find the Google account name to send its hash code (and nothing else) to the server to identify the playerREAD_PHONE_STATE - used to identify players without a Google accountINTERNET - used to communicate with the server when submitting games and refreshing high scores and scoreboards

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