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Nurse Panic (MedalMania)Nurse Panic is a game fight in the inpatient treatment of acquired items.To the paid version, there are automatic input mode.Remains tapped and waiting for a few seconds, the automatic start-up mode.On the upper left of the display (transference):Number of the arrow is the number of people who have refused admission on the blue. To changing hospital to another hospital.Number of red down arrow is the number of people waiting for admission. I came from another hospital.Flow of the game:Turning on the medal: 1.2: OUT medal patient fell from the pocket of both sides are turning to other players. (Transference,. Waffling)3: The medals will be paid out from the front scoring, medals patient is inpatient red.4: Items that are paid out from the front and is effective for patients score.5: Friday, has passed the switch movement, the effect was only after a certain amount of time to rotate the horizontal rotating reel is run immediately to hospital patients. However, the effect will be disabled if the patient is not there.The extra point therapy treatment is performed in order from the old abandoned patient basically: 6. (. A new patient to be treated from only Band-Aid)Is (+500) and the patient is completely cured score: 7.Is (-100) betting deduction if the patient died buried: 8.9: When a new patient in the hospital, the patient’s medical condition may have deteriorated in the hospital already.Speed ??is fast deterioration of the patients in the hospital bed in addition to: 10.Denied admission in the case of a new patient can not be too many inpatient hospitalization: 11.12: If all hospital patients died filled (red), the game is over.13 score at game over the final score, and high scores.Treatment items:Band Aid (+2 treatment)Drug (+4 treatment)Injection (+5 treatment)Infusion (+7 treatment)Operations (one cure)Add bet (the bet increases. Bet does not increase more than a certain number, however)(. Bet is one less) aged betHand of God (all hospitalized patients. Changing hospital to another hospital)(Number of items: 4. A maximum of one additional item to fall. However) itemsNumber of Beds:35 initial bet.: 60 Max Bet.— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—For CandyHouse:I’m making a game for Android mainly.Translated using the translation Google.Apps for Android lists almost made CandyHouse.? Cards & CasinoAce collection of 100 different card gamesPlay alone (Card Game)Candy Chuang sparrow CandyHouseMedalMania medal maniaDaughter Bakuretsu medal Medals game mania ?Medal Mania 2 MedalMania 2Monday Mania MedalMania BreedMedal Bingo ManiaPinball Mania MedalNurse panic NursePanicJackPot Poker poker jackpotBIG and SMALL sizesAirplane Airplane Pachinko PachinkoPyramidSparrow ball Jan9Golden GoldenSlot slotLast one LastOnePoker Dice Poker Dice ? ki!? sports gamesMedalBowl bowling gameHockey Pool (PoolHockey)TapTap basketball? Arcade & ActionBattle SushiBattle sushiMonkey bananaGeisha Geisha Game playPanda ball PandaBall? puzzleJapanCheese Mania? LifestyleGolden Tarot Golden Tarot? Customizable (Live Wallpaper)Mr. Golden Golden3Mr. Goldfish Kingyo3MedalKingyo goldfish medalMower Mower— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—

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