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* OffNav is an android (>= 2.1) based moving map application intended for marine and land navigation. * Maps are created by the user and loaded on SD card (see user manual). * Neither Wifi nor mobile network connection are needed for map presentation. * Points of interest (named way-points) can be added by the user based on GPS fix, WGS84 lat/long coordinates (in marine mode), tapping on map, street addressing (in land mode) or be loaded from a text file. * Anchor (marine mode) and proximity (land and marine modes) alarms can be set for each waypoint.* Track can be saved to a file in both marine and land modes.* Turn-by-turn navigation including audio instruction is available in land mode (Wifi or network connection are needed to download route instructions). * A compass screen presents heading and bearing to way-point information, in addition to other navigational data, in both graphical and textual formats.The user manual can be downloaded from ftp site: ftp://ftp.offnav.comuser: anonymous@offnav.compassword: not requiredgo to data folder

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