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The old house. Play with the cheerful companyA collection of educational games, developing speech skills and enriching vocabulary. Buka and his friends will acquaint children with the Russian folk traditions, household objects, family relations.The collection includes five games:1. Hang portraitsBuka offers the player hang the portraits of Varya’s family. After listening the description, you need to find the portrait and hang it to the place. 2. Modern and old thingsYou need to find modern household objects, which appear less than a century ago. 2. Domestic helpersEach work in the house and in the garden needs definite tools. You need to listen voice prompts and find the proper tool. 4. Sort the thingsYou need to sort objects: furniture, clothing, food and dishes. 5. Heroes of Russian fairy talesAn artist draw pictures but confused characters of Russian folk tales. You need to find mistakes and fix them. The characteristics of the games: • Bright pictures• Attractive animated heroes• Voiced by professional actorsFor children from 3 to 6 years. Key words:children, preschool, educational game, educational game for little kids, logic, attention, memory, merry, cheerful company. For tablets with screens from 7” (Android 3.0 and above)

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