Old McDonald’s Farm


An app to teach young children animals’ names, pictures, and sounds. Comes with two different ways to play:-Practice: Let your child play around with the app to view different animals, hear their name pronounced by a friendly voice, and hear the animals real sound. Easily swipe to the left or right to change the current animal. The animals name is also printed on the screen so your child can begin to learn to write and read each animal’s name as well. -Quiz: Show your child the animals picture and have them guess what it’s name is. If they get it correct press the ‘correct’ button to reward them by playing the animals sound and move on to the next animal. If not press the ‘incorrect’ button to simply move on to the next animal. Their statistics are tracked by the app. This mode chooses 10 animals per round to quiz your child on. Animals they get incorrect the most will show up in quiz mode more often. Later look in the ‘History’ page to see what percentage they’ve gotten correct as well as the 3 animals they have missed the most often (if any). You can also make separate profiles for your different children, or if that is too much of a hassle use the default profile which will still track statistics for you.Ideal for children ages 2-6

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