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Like Netflix predicts good movies to watch, we predict which apps/games you might like and we give you all the information why we have given the recommendations.Get the number One App you should install first. It will recommend the number 2, 3, 4… apps to install next!Keep coming back if you are looking for a new App to download. We have new additions every day and if you have downloaded more Apps in the meantime you will also get new and better recommendations.Our good results come from a unique combination of technology & our editors expertise.We analyze the Android Market and discover the Best Apps worth downloading before everybody else.Our team of editors put them in hundreds of categories, grouping together similar apps and similar games.Our engineers have created a smart algorithm that is able to give you personalized recommendations using statistical analysis combined with the editorial reviews and your feedback.We also learn about you based on your feedback too. You can hide apps or hide recommendations based on a app you have installed. We are constantly learning by seeing what apps you actually install and remove. Your results are customized for you.The Apps we suggest are based on out propriatary algorithm that matchs similar users are similar apps. You will find your next favorite app through users with similar taste and with the help of our editors.Jump ahead of all the other people with new apps to discover. Don’t waste time searching through the Market and getting angry over all random apps that are shown. The Market isn’t personalized for you, it’s for the masses who want big name apps only. Don’t be one of those zombies, go in your own direction. Trust our algorithms and editors for personalized results.One! is a Best Apps Market product. Keep browsing the top categories and similar apps at

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