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This app is a widget. Press and hold the home, add widgets to your home will appear in the widget selection.?Bemasu site icons are displayed on a single touch. Internet search engines, Yahoo, Google, Yahoo, auction shopping site MSN, AMAZON ebay, there are auctions. Cheaper to buy things at auction, fans can see some oak market information. The major social sites, Twitter, etc. There is facebook. Wikipedia has information retrieval. Skype has communication sites, have the advantage of Skype’s free calls between Skype. You can see the photo site flickr. This is the site of the photo can be viewed without registration. Just watching it will be fun. Googlebuz, so should have already made a google account when you purchase the device if used as it accounts for gmail, the account can be used as is acquired. Other convenient features include email management and. Smiling on the video site video, there is YouTube. There are three icons on YouTube. From YouTube on YouTube’s upstream jump red. Yellow Wings from YouTube will be for free anime sites. The initial view is to view the entire PC to display on your site if you may become mobile display. Blue Wings can see from the YouTube site drama free. The initial view is to view the entire PC to display on your site if you might have turned the mobile display. Will continue to add useful features every upgrade in the future.

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