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With only a single button-click, record a voice note, have it converted to text and sent as an email or SMS. Great for safely capturing that important thought when driving, walking, etc. By converting speech to text, it avoids having to listen to audio recordings of notes later and then writing them down. (Although you can send audio instead, if you wish.)Unlike other apps that send emails semi-automatically, the email is sent completely in the background – no email app to select and no Send button to push. Just start talking and no more interaction with your phone.Other features include:* queueing of messages, recorded as audio only, when no network connection is available* user defined voice prompt* send audio recording instead of text (send both if on Android < 4.1)* recording can be set to automatically start when you open the app* optional reading of your message back to you* message confirmation dialog, so you can edit it or cancel it. If you do nothing, the dialog is automatically dismissed after 5 seconds and the message is sent.* email subject can be set for customized usage with todo and note managers such as Evernote, Toodledo, Remember the Milk.* post an event on your calendar by voice* post items to the built-in todo list by voice* a log of all messages is kept, including any attached audio recordings for later listening* Bluetooth support (on some phones)LANGUAGE SUPPORT:Although the app currently has English text for all the menus, etc., the voice recognition and speech-to-text works for a bunch of different languages. GOOGLE VOICE RECOGNITION:VoiceNote uses Android’s Voice Recognition service as well as Android’s Text to Speech service (for prompting and reading your message back to you). The Voice Recognition requires a data connection, since the recognition is performed on Google’s servers. UPGRADING:VoiceNote can be upgraded to provide eight recipient buttons and remove the ads. You will find the upgrade key on the "More from developer" list on this page.PERMISSIONS:All of those permissions are required to support the features that VoiceNote provides to you. PRIVACY STATEMENT: No personal information is harvested or used in any way other than for its intended purpose (sending your email or SMS).KEYWORDS:safe driving, hands free, speech to text, voice recognition, voice memo, voice note, safe memo, voice to email, voice to SMS, speech recognition, one click, background email, one touch, quick memo, reminder, todo

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