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Smiley (born smiley – «smiling") or happy face – a stylized graphical representation of a smiling human face. Looking at the lexicon of many chat lan, see – various rabbits, crocodiles and elephants, clouds smiles and discontent. Some would say that this is such a culture. I tell you – nothing of the sort, because culture can not be absurd. Old (read – intelligent) chatlians limited to narrow the number of smiles, emotions, and do not put them wherever falling, though started the same way – with plenty. Take a closer look to what you are saying. Does anyone really? Is it with overly emotional person can be a long chat? Smilies show giperemotsii, and, typical, without nuance … Are we in the real world like this? Well, except that in the yellow house chesslovo … " "I was destroying myself in yet another legacy of the Internet’s culture. So what’s the smiley that I do not hit? Two cases have prompted me to a final decision. But it is – just an excuse. Reasons for deeper … The first case. In one of the mailing-list a heated battle. One of the participants issued a clearly ironic text. The irony of it was visible, so to speak, to the naked eye, but the text is taken at face value and began to gouge his website for the full program, as we have all accepted – regardless of the person’s face and it was aiming. When I hinted that fellow, in fact, made a joke – very sensible, like, citizens stated the following: how can he joked, where is he smiles, then? Wait, I said to myself then – it seems we have arrived! That is, if a person puts smiley – so he was joking. If you do not put – so do not tell. That’s right, it turns out, things just have setjan, at the level of the first signal system. And brains turn slabo? No, not before … The second case. I am here just now suddenly give birth story. Well, ten years is not writing stories, and all of a sudden itch. When I was writing this story, I found myself on the fact that I try to insert emoticons in text. Since the story was sad, I strove to insert frown face, such a :: ((( I must say, this discovery upset me. No, of course I understand that smiles much easier to write texts. Rather than work on the transfer of intonation, simply schedule an emoticon and everything. Thus, the article is transformed into a kind of comic book. As you know, in the comics can cram anything, including "War and Peace."

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