搶先體驗~全球首款OPEN小將官方手機應用軟體,好康又實用、可愛又有趣,享受豐富生活就是現在! ★超好康:搶先參加OPEN小將手機獨享活動、最熱、最夯專屬好康! ★超貼心:拍照紀錄生活點滴~精采生活天天OPEN! ★超有趣:打開OPEN小將照相機,馬上客製超可愛大頭貼,還能分享好友唷! ★超開心:OPEN!臉書、影音、漫畫、部落格,隨時看隨時擁有好心情! 【詳細功能介紹】 ★ 首頁 →魔法星球轉一轉~邀您一起進入OPEN小將的魔法世界! →首頁上方左右滑動活動公告,掌握最鮮、最熱、最夯OPEN小將專屬好康! ★ 記事本 →讓每月不同主題造型的OPEN小將與你一起記錄生活的點點滴滴~天天和你OPEN在一起! ★ 大頭貼 →哇~還可以跟OPEN小將合照耶!在OPEN小將照相機裡,可選擇各式主題相框和配件,製作可愛大頭貼,並且還可以上傳分享給親朋好友唷!(*^﹏^*) ★ 活動快報 →掌握OPEN!家族全國趴趴走行程、各種優惠活動好康,還可加入自己的手機行事曆,提醒你每天跟OPEN小將一起吃喝玩樂趣啦!(^▽^)/ ★ 社群 →OPEN!臉書粉絲團:搶先掌握OPEN小將家族的最新消息! →OPEN!影音:最夯OPEN!家族活動幕後精采花絮通通在這裡唷! →OPEN!部落格:與網路同步更新,輕鬆瀏覽OPEN!家族最新近況哟! →OPEN!開心週記:生活中難免壞心情,快看看開心週記,隨時換個好心情!≧▽≦ →分享功能:透過Email、Facebook、Plurk與好友天天歡樂~OPEN! ★桌布 →超可愛的OPEN!手機桌布,開啟手機馬上讓你心情up up!≧◇≦ ★推播功能 →隨時接收OPEN小將即時訊息,歡樂生活、隨時OPEN! ★ QRCode →QRcode掃描功能:可不定期參加各種抽獎或優惠活動~只有OPEN小將手機APP用戶才有這樣好康!First to experience to the world’s first official OPEN teenager mobile application software, goodies and practical, cute and fun, enjoy the rich life is now!★ super View: the first to participate in the OPEN teenager phone exclusive activities, the hottest, most rammer exclusive View!★ super intimate: the camera records the life of ~ wonderful life every day OPEN!★ super-interesting: open OPEN teenager cameras, super cute emoticons immediately customization, but also to share friends yo!★ super happy: OPEN! Face book, audio, video, comics, blogs, at any time to see at any time to have a good mood![Detailed Features]★ Home→ a magic planet a turn to invite you to enter the magic world of the OPEN teenager!Above → Home sliding around event announcements and master the most fresh, hottest, the the most ram OPEN teenager exclusive View!★ Notepad→ monthly different the theme styling OPEN teenager to record the bits and pieces of life to every day, and you OPEN together with you!★ stickers→ wow ~ can also pictured with OPEN teenager yeah! Can choose all kinds of picture frames and accessories the OPEN teenager cameras, making cute emoticons, and can also upload and share with friends and family yo! (* ^ ﹏ ^ *)★ activity Letters→ master OPEN! The family National amok itinerary various promotions fees, also added their own phone calendar to remind you every day with OPEN teenager eat, drink Fun!! (^ ▽ ^) /★ Community→ OPEN! Face book fan group: the first to master the latest news of the the OPEN teenager family!→ OPEN! Audio: hot OPEN! Brilliant behind-the-scenes footage of the family activities all in here yo!→ OPEN! Blogs: updated simultaneously with the network, and easily navigate the OPEN! Family an updated yo!→ OPEN! Fun week in mind: life inevitably bad mood, quick look happy weekly reports, and any time a change in a good mood! ≧ ▽ ≦→ Share function: a daily joy ~~ the OPEN through Email, Facebook, Plurk and Friends!★ Wallpaper→ super cute the OPEN! Phone wallpaper, open the phone immediately make you feel up up! ≧ ◇ ≦★ Push function→ OPEN teenager ready to receive instant messages, and the joy of life, at any time the OPEN!★ QRCode→ QRcode scanning function: to participate in sweepstakes or promotions from time to time to bring about such fees only OPEN the teenager mobile phones APP user!

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