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Open Explorer – an open source file manager for all Android devices! (Tablets, Large Phones, Small Phones, Google TV)- Complete file system management- USB, SD and other external media- Network Connectable (FTP, SFTP, SMB/Samba/Windows/Lan/WIFI)- Cloud connected (multiple accounts)! (Box, Dropbox, Drive)- Text Editor (Tabbed, Multiple Document Interface)- Smart Folders that scan for different types of media (Videos, Photos, Music, Downloads)- View Pager directory navigation (swipe right to go up a directory)- Superuser/Root ability to read/write system folders (and JB 4.2 user folders)- Disk space heat map shows where your biggest files are- Browse or extract from most common archives – Zip, Tar, TGZip, BZip2, 7zip, RARFeatures to come:- Offline file structure cache, will remember which files you have in different places without needing to connect*PLEASE NOTE: OpenExplorer is in Beta. There are still several bugs. If you do not wish to experience these bugs, please do not download this app. If you would like to help me find these bugs, please email me or cooperate with me on GitHub ( Please remember bad ratings help nobody.Past Changes:v220Box & Dropbox integration (with multiple account authentication!)v2177zip & RAR extraction supportv216BZip2 supportv214Tar/GZip supportv212Mostly bugfixesPrompt before copy overwritev210NFC – Beam your clipboardPassive root operationsv209Clipboard improvementsMany concurrency improvementsFile operations serializedLarge heap requestedv208Reverted Action Bar menu icon on older devicesUpdated German, Spanish, Russian & Dutch translationsDownloads scanner improvedv205:Fixed Clipboard crashOther updatesv204:Fix "Add new Server" crashOther bug fixesv202:Fixed server settings deletion bugScaled other iconsv201Light&Dark Theme TweaksAdded scaled version of some iconsChanged Zip IconFix thumb scalingAdd Ukrainian & Chinese to Language preferenceServer settings moved to persistent storage so they don’t get deleted if you uninstallOther bugfixesv200 – 12/21/12:Chinese TranslationBookmark View UI UpdatesJB 4.2 USB UpdatesPrivacy Policyv199SearchView update to all devicesFixed "Select All" crash/system remounter for rooted usersv198JB 4.2 (rooted) updatesv197Themes reworked! There are now 4 themes to choose from: dark, light, mix, and pinstripeJellybean expanded notifications for operationsDonate added to menuUpdated ActionBarSherlockv194Improved device scanner – USB OTGUpdated Japanesev191Bugfix for when your last viewed path was a network pathv190Updated Russian, Japanese & Turkish translationsFixed settings restart bugv189Added Text WrappingSwitched to stericson’s RootTools for root thread management – root should work betterSend/Share + Rename fixedNotification Tweaks & FixesPreference Layout Improvementsv185Settings reorganized and updated to be more standardZip files are navigatableSystem activities now appear in action bar for zip & text filesv182Added "heatmap" operation for determining relative folder sibling sizev179Fixed Searchv178Fixed Networked folder selection bugShow multi-select checkmarks by defaultv1767" Tablet (aka Nexus 7!) tweaksNew List/Grid item border/backgroundJellybean-style default app selectorAdded search back in as menu optionv173Fixed file operation notification crash (due to theming)v172Re-enable Google TV (do not update if you are on Google TV)v171*MAJOR UPDATE* – first official build of new Brandroid Tools team!Switch to ActionBarSherlock Dark/Light Theming Support!v169Small Device ICS Layout fixv168Small Device Layout fixv167SMB FixesBookmark Layout TweaksFile Op Log switched to Popup on all devices

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