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*PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BELOW *HAVING TROUBLE? EMAIL US! Like this? Please Contribute and Buy "orangeFusion Go Contact" your contribution will help us to maintain & update this theme your also getting Matching Go Keyboard/ Go Sms Free 170 icons/5 Wallpapers/5 appdrawer/5 dockIcons/ 3 dockBg/NO AIRPUSH CRAP/ Monthly Updates/Rate Our Work?INSTRUCTIONS? (Install Go Launcher From Google Play)1.Do Not open directly after it’s installed. 2.In Go Launcher: Menu > theme preferences > apply theme.?APPLYING APPDRAWER BACKGROUND?1.Press Menu > Preferences > Visual Settings > Backgrounds2.App drawer background > Press Go Theme Background3.Choose Background > Done!?APPLYING DOCBAR BACKGROUND?1.Press Menu > Preferences > Visual Settings > Background2.Dock background > Press Go Theme Background3.Choose Apply > Done!?CHANGING ICONS?1.Tab and hold an app icon in desk screen.(Does not work in app drawer).2.Replace > Choose the theme’s icons.?Force Close on Update or Force Close in General?If you are updating the theme, it might force close, this is out of our reach, You need to 1) Wait an hour then retry to download again, 2)If that fails the fastest way is uninstall and reinstall, sorry for the inconvenience, this error is do to google play servers not our fault.?Paying customers?If you like us to add new icons you need to post on Facebook only.Keywords: GO Launcher EX theme GO Launcher Dev Team Glass Sphere Ball bubble Orb Heart Carbon Silver silver Black black Pink pink Red red Green green Yellow yellow Orange orange White white Galaxy Nebula Nova Super Universe Halloween iOS iPhone Theme Mojo Studio mac apple tablet tablets; color carbon fiber;

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