OreSettings is a settings changing app.Some functions do not have an English label, so you need to know Japanese kanji.When the locale of your device is Chinese, Chinese hanzi is used."ore" means informal pronouns of male in Japanese. This app was tested only on the Xperia acro(Japanese/docomo) and Nexus 7.An app operation and screen design may not be normal in the other model. How to use:?Assigns a function to the cell by long pressing?A function will launch by touching cell?A Configuration screen is opened by pressing the Menu key Features:?Favorite functions can be assigned to 3×3 cells?Minimum permissions ?This app cannot use the internet?App size is small(also movable to SD)?No ads List of functions:1. (None)2. Screen Brightness(??)???/???3. GPS Location(?)???/???4. Network Location(?)????5. Wi-Fi(??)???/???6. Screen Rotation(??)???/??/???7. Bluetooth(??)???/??/???8. Airplane Mode(??)???/??/???9. Battery Status(?)???/???10. Sound Volume(?)????11. General Settings???/???12. Development(?)???/??/???13. Language & Locale(?)???/??/???14. Date & Time???/???15. Flashlight(?)???/??/???16. Synchronization(??)???/???17. Ringer Mode(???)???/???18. Lock Mode(??)???/??/???19. Screen Timeout(???)????20. Storage Capacity(?)???/??/???21. Screen Settings???/??/???22. Manage Applications???/??/???23. Input Method???/??/???24. Decoration(?)???/???25. Mobile Network(??)???/??/???26. Sound Settings???/??/???27. Clear App Cache???/????:It can turn on/off directly by touching?:A color will be changed when it is turned on?:An original settings screen will be shown?:Current value will be shown below?:A screen will be whiteout with max brightness Specifications and Limitations:?In some cases, some settings screen will not be shown?A value of brightness cannot be set to 0% to 4% because it causes a blackout of screen?A value of sound volume will be changed by other value or ringer mode?If this app has moved to SD, it will not be shown in status bar when android os has been booted *#*#19951004#*#* is a secret code for changing color.

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