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by On June 18, 2011
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Organic Chemistry Flashcards is the newest addition to the “Essential Series” of applications created by RoughEdge Software.  This app is the most comprehensive Organic Chemistry flashcard application available for the Android with over 1000 flashcards covering Organic Chemistry I & II.  Over 300 molecular structure and reaction cards are also included.  The ability to customize decks and utilize keyword searches rounds out the outstanding features of this application.   Features include:Keyword search – search all 1000+ cards using a keywordCustomized decks – create custom decks and add, delete or move any card from any custom deck.Create custom decks from keyword searches.Topics included:•	Acids and Bases•	Addition Reactions and Mechanisms•	Alcohol and Thiols•	Alkanes and Cycloalkanes•	Alkenes•	Alkyl Halides•	Amino Acids•	Aromatics•	Carbohydrates•	Carboxylic Acids•	Definitions•	Elimination Reactions and Mechanisms•	Esters•	Ethers•	NMR Spectroscopy•	IR & UV Spectroscopy•	Isomersim and Stereochemistry•	Nomenclature•	Orgo Basics•	Properties•	Reactions•	Rearrangement Reactions and Mechanisms•	Substitution Reactions and Mechanisms•	Types of Organic Molecules and Functional Groups•	Types of Reactions and Mechanisms•	NAME THIS STRUCTURE

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