OTA Root Bodyguard


OTA Root Bodyguard used to protect root across the manufacturer’s OTA updates.This app saves a protected copy of "Su" for devices already rooted.If you loose root permissions after an OTA update, it may be able to restore it.The backup and store speed is quicker than other apps and this software is totally free!Useless with: Samsung phones updated via KIES or Odin and older devices using YAFFS filesystem only, any device flashing entire system partition.Any devices using Ext3 or Ext4 filesystem and Google style incremental OTA update.zipATTENTIONS: If you are using Superuser & SuperSU, take care keeping application and su backup consistent.The status can be set:superuser app installed, device rooted, root permission granted and protected su copy available.——————————————————————————-Ad statement: Everyone can install this android app to phone without paying. To keep software free, we cooperate with othercompany and allow add some icon advertisements or notification ads. Hope you can understand us.——————————————————————————–If you need this app, just download free.

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