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Otayori Photo App (Photo Manager) is NTT docomo official photo manager app.This can easily view, edit and send your photos.With the Docomodake, enjoy your photos.*KEY FEATURES*- Photo viewing app that is stored in your smartphone and the SD card.- With this app, you can edit photo and send it to PhotoPanel, Facebook, Evernote etc. easily.- Setup App assistant helps you configure to send photo to PhotoPanel.- 3G, Wi-Fi both networks are available.- You can download this app from non-docomo smartphones too.*FUNCTIONS*+ Album (Photo List):Photo album app that is stored in your smartphone and the SD card.Regardless of portrait or landscape photos, displays whole size of photos, and you can sort these.Photos are displayed in chronological order. (Date to your device store)+ Photo Viewing:Photo Viewing App that is stored in your smartphone and the SD card.You can also use following functions.- Zoom in/out- Flick to next photoAnd you can choose the method of using photo while previewing.+ Photo Edit:You can apply following functions to your photos.- Decorations- Rotate- Effects (Brightness/Sepia/Monochrome)- Insert shooting dateetc.D159+ Choose the method of using photo:With the combination of other apps, you can send photos to- Facebook, Evernote- PhotoPanel via SP-mode mail*Related app and settings are required.+ Images displayed on Photo Panel:Images displayed on Photo Panel.By tilting your smartphone horizontally or vertically, you can check the images displayed on Photo Panel before sending.*TESTED ON ...*● Android OS 4.1- GALAXY NOTE Ⅱ [SC-02E]- GALAXY S Ⅲ α [SC-03E]- GALAXY NEXUS [SC-04D]● Android OS 4.0- ARROWS Kiss [F-03E]- ARROWS V [F-04E]- ARROWS X LTE [F-05D]- Disney Mobile on docomo [F-08D]- ANTEPRIMA [F-09D]- ARROWS X [F-10D]- ARROWS Me [F-11D]- Ascend [HW-01E]- Optimus LTE [L-01D]- Optimus G [L-01E]- PRADA phone [L-02D]- Optimus LIFE [L-02E]- Optimus it [L-05D]- Optimus Vu [L-06D]- L-06D JOJO- MEDIAS U [N-02E]- MEDIAS LTE [N-04D]- MEDIAS ES [N-05D]- MEDIAS X [N-07D]- ELUGA V [P-06D]- ELUGA power [P-07D]- GALAXY S [SC-02B]- GALAXY S Ⅱ [SC-02C]- GALAXY S Ⅱ LTE [SC-03D]- GALAXY NOTE [SC-05D]- GALAXY S Ⅲ [SC-06D]- AQUOS PHONE [SH-01D]- AQUOS PHONE si [SH-01E]- SH-01E Vivienne Westwood- AQUOS PHONE ZETA [SH-02E]- AQUOS PHONE [SH-06D]- SH-06D NERV [SH-06D NERV]- AQUOS PHONE st [SH-07D]- AQUOS PHONE ZETA [SH-09D]- AQUOS PHONE sv [SH-10D]- Xperia(TM) AX [SO-01E]- Xperia(TM) NX [SO-02D]- Xperia(TM) acro HD [SO-03D]- Xperia(TM) GX [SO-04D]- Xperia(TM) SX [SO-05D]- REGZA Phone [T-01D]- REGZA Phone [T-02D]● Android OS 2.3- ARROWS Kiss [F-03D]- F-03D Girls'- ARROWSμ [F-07D]- F-12C- Optimus Bright [L-07C]- MEDIAS PP [N-01D]- MEDIAS [N-04C]- MEDIAS WP [N-06C]- P-01D- LUMIX PHONE [P-02D]- P-04D- Disney Mobile on docomo [P-05D]- P-07C- AQUOS PHONE slider [SH-02D]- Q-pot.Phone [SH-04D]- AQUOS PHONE [SH-12C]- AQUOS PHONE f [SH-13C]- Xperia arc [SO-01C]- Xperia Play [SO-01D]- Xperia acro [SO-02C]- Xperia ray [SO-03C]● Android OS 2.2- Optimus chat [L-04C]- LYNX 3D [SH-03C]- REGZA Phone [T-01C]*More models are expected to be tested.*Some functions might not work with Optimus chat [L-04C].

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