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Pai Gow II

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CategoryCards & Casino
DeveloperBill Moss
Added4 years ago
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by On March 5, 2011
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Two hands are formed from 7 cards. A 2 card SMALL hand and a 5 card BIG hand. The Big hand must have a value greater than the Small hand. The dealer forms like hands from 7 cards with certain rules about splitting pairs. The play is Small hand against Small hand and Big against Big hand. If you win both hands, the dealer pays 95% of the bet. If you loose both hands, you loose the bet. A win and a lose is a push and the bet remains in play. The deck contains one Joker used in Aces, Straights, and Flushes. The side bet pays odds set to the player's advantage.  The dealer's advantage is in the 95% payout and the dealer wins all ties.  Tracking of your money, hands played, hands won or loss, and percentages are tracked.

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