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After months of training with Tibetan monks in the jungles of Brazil, we have brought back the secrets of the ages. Learn your future, find your true love, see your fate. Answer 8 questions for a palm reading that can change your life! A horoscope can help you but our readings will guide you!Please note that the app will NOT work on people wearing gloves. Sorry, we will be working on a fix for this in the future.The app allows you to save your palm readings to a list to show your friends, as well as email them! Make new friends and add their digits ha-ha right to the contact list of your phone.Our gurus have tested this app in pubs and other fine places to meet people around the world and have discovered one thing. If you got time to kill and the girl (or guy) sitting next you you is cute, why not read their palm and get the conversation started?Some people have commented that our app is scarily accurate. Others refuse to believe that a simple app on a cell phone can predict the future. However through our extensive market research that we've learned that 100% of right handers are most likely to prefer to use their right hand over their left. Strangely enough, left handers want to use their left hand while ambidexterous people don't care which hand they use. We've also learned that monkeys do not like to have their palms read, but prefer to use them to throw things at market researchers. Generally very smelly things. So if you've read this far, then you probably have less of a life then we do. That's ok. It's nice to meet you too.Frankly we're hoping to make enough money to move our Megadeth album art cover collection (and ourselves!) out of our mom's basement. But since you've now invested about 5 minutes of your life into this free app, don't you think it's time to install it? I mean really what are you waiting for? It's FREE. It'll never get cheaper. And if you like it, be sure to try some of our other apps.

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