Panorama – 360 (Free)


Best panorama camera letting you create 360 degree PRO quality panoramas for FREE. Share the quick n easy high resolution panoramas on Facebook & Twitter. Find out what the world is up to on through our REALTIME panorama feed and share your exciting panoramas with other members. Convert your phone camera in a 360 Panorama tool. It’s really easy– Tap your screen to start the process- Move in the direction indicated by the pointer- Tap again to stop- Your panorama will get stitched and ready to share in less than 1 minuteTo get the best panoramas, make sure there is enough light and keep your hands steady while capturing the framesAPPLICATION FEATURES:- Panos can be shared & viewed via 3D viewer or as flat images- Direct upload to Facebook & Twitter- Share flat images via email- Automatic geo-tagging- Click ‘Nearby’ to view Panoramas around your location- HD option to get high res panosWHAT’S BUZZING !?!"In the Top 20 apps at Mobile World Congress Barcelona-2012"TechCrunch: "360: TeliportMe Brings Its Killer Panorama App To Android (Oh, And It Works On Over 200 Phones)"GigaOM: " Instagram for Panoramas"TheNextWeb: "TeleportMe building a crowdsourced streetview with their 360 Panorama App"PennOlson: "Teleport Me, Maker of 360 Panorama app, looks at the bigger picture"AddictiveTips: "360 For Android Gets Major Update, Brings Better Panorama Stitching"TheDroidGuy: "360 Gets Updated Again, Panoramas Just Keep Getting Better"Follow us on Twitter @teliportme or leave us a few words at any queries, suggestions or feedback contact us via and we will respond within minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!Many users say we are better than Photosynth, Photaf , Pano, 360Panorama,Snapseed and Dermandar.We are similar to Photosphere but do not do the top and down part like Photosphere. We hope to add Photosphere integration soon to this app so that you can add your photospheres directly into the application.

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