Paper Adventures: Plane (Free)


For an Ad-Free version and early access to new features, please buy the full version.Fly your paper plane and shoot these doodle monsters with ink to save your notes from being destroyed by the army created by your brother.This game is an extended version of the Paper Adventures game. Instead of using your finger to tap on the monsters, There is a paper plane with a pen taped on top of it. You have to use that plane to defend your notes by shooting different enemies.You can either control the plane by tilting your phone or using a virtual controller. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play users will be able to use the game pad buttons instead of the virtual controller.4 chapters * 15 levels each = a total of 60 levels in the classic mode + an endless survival mode.1 pen + 1 piece of paper = All the fun you need.Huge update with new levels and special new enemies will be added soon.

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