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Shopping list powered by Tesco API-Search for Tesco products-Scan barcodes to add straight to list-Use gestures to cross items off-Manually add and edit items-Send to list from PC browser using chrome to phone-Total cost displayed-View product details inc images and offers-Froyo app2sd-Save products to favourites list for adding later-Set quantities of individual items-Share list via plain text email or Bump with another device nearby (MenuShare list on the shopping list screen)-Cross off item twice to delete it from list-Share via Android Beam on Android 4+ devices with NFC-Read out names of scanned items using text-to-speech (MenuSettings in main screen)-Lock orientation in shopping listLocation, vibrate and phone calls permissions are for Bump sharing.The paid Pro version does not contain ads so that you can see more of your list.Scanning an item from a multipack won’t work. Scan the barcode from the main packaging instead.To quote Tesco: "The API service is currently in a beta form and has not been fully tested or debugged".No account requiredAny problems please email webmaster@ubikapps.netTwitter:@m_stevens

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