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by On February 22, 2011
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With this App you can send a Message and the caller ID and caller name to your PC, which will be shown as a POPUP message for some seconds.If a phone call arrives the number shown on your phone display ( caller ID or incoming phone number) will be shown on your PC screen. The full version will show you alsothe callers name.The App is written for home office use with direct IP (WLAN) communication possible between your Phone and your home office PC. On the PC side you need a small Java program for displaying the messages which can be obtained from me by e-mail: Test version can be downloaded here: many persons are interested in this app it will be enhanced to display a picture of the caller on the PC or any other data of your choice.  On the PC side a Java SE Installation is required.It is also needed to have the echo service running on port 7. If there is a firewall active on your pc you need to adapt the rules to allow data flow to port 7 and 6789 (where the message listener runs).The PC side Java app was tested with Windows XP andUbuntu Linux.

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