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Out Perform Your Competitors By Getting More Wallet Share from Credit Worthy Businesses!Increased Bank Revenues - Shorter Business Development Cycles – Higher Call Efficiency3 out of 4 top-quintile users say they use pre-call planning better than their lower-performing competitors.•Asks targeted discovery and diagnostic questions •Is prepared for handing difficult customer questions and objections •Has the most effective closing strategies •And uniformly conveys key differentiation and brand messagingFACT: Your private banking customers don't have any desire to spend time with under-prepared bankers. Incredibly, a recent study stimated that only one out of six people comes adequately prepared for call success!Increase the Odds of Success!High-performing private/personal bankers know that planning is one of key reasons they get more wallet share. A 2009 global survey of top 20% business development performers tells the story:•97% said that preparation is the key to their success. •92% indicated that improving the effectiveness of their pre-call preparation would help them get even more customer wallet share! •And 2 out of 3 top performers would do more pre-call planning if it took less time.We leverage private/business banking best practices while incorporating content that reflects your business development culture, process, and brand messaging for a unique and fully customized solution.Based on 10 years of experience providing pre-call planning tools to the private/personal/business banking profession, Precallpro.com has taken the methodology and made it available as an easy-to-use online application. And customers have found that the return-on-investment can be as high as 400%–500%.Ask the proper questions to discover more opportunities within your current portfolio customersIncrease your new customer base by comfortably following the call plans of other successful bankersAccess and send customer emails with a touchAccess and originate customer phone numbers with a touchEnter call results…push and pull data from most CRMSNo CRM, no problem…this is a CRM too

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