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Are your timing skills good enough to save the Pebbles? For centuries the Pebbles lived in peace. They farmed their loved flowers, which they ate with great appetite.But that was then, before the monsters came. Now they are neurotic and constantly chased by the soot-lump creatures who love Pebble-meat more than anything else. And the monsters have a great advantage. With their great horror instil xray-eye, they see through the Pebbles stone camouflage, and they can't protect themselves against attacks. Until now! The Pebbles discovered that their hats explode when they smash into each other at high speed. Suddenly they had a weapon to defend themselves. Now they can finally fight back. And they need your help.-----------------What the press says:★★★★★"ONE OF THE VERY BEST IOS GAMES EVER MADE!”The Gaming Ground♛KOTAKU"We have a winner, folks"GAMING APP OF THE DAY♛GAME OF THE DAYMacworld★★★★★”PEBBLE IS THE ULTIMATE GAME TO KILLTIME ON THE BUS.”Ipad NyttNEW YORK POST”it’s hard not to recommend Pebble Universe.So, sally forth and get it at the Apple Store” ★★★★★★★★★☆Application iPhone”IT KEPT MY FINGERS GLUED TO THE GAMEUNTIL I COMPLETED EACH AND EVERY LEVEL.”AppAdviceTOUCHARCADE "A physics puzzle game that doesn't play like everything else on the market." ♛GAME OF THE WEEKIpadevice82/100”ANYONE WHO IS TIRED OF THE TYPICAL SLINGSHOTGAMES WILL BE GLAD TO PLAY THIS ONE, AND REALLYSHOULD GIVE IT A TRY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!”IndieGameMagazine★★★★☆”ONCE I STARTED PLAYING I COULDN'T STOP”★★★★★☆”HIGH PRODUCTION VALUES AND UNIQUE GAMEPLAYMAKE IT EVEN EASIER TO ADD TO OUR MUST-BUY LIST.”App Shack-----------------Players says:★★★★★Robo-rocket ”Wow. Are you guys thinking what I think about this game? CAUSE I THINK IT ROCKS!!!” ★★★★★Wendy Jia ”The graphics are amazing in a cute way: yes I am a sucker for cuteness. Other than that, the dynamics of this game is fluid and I am begging for more future updates!!!!!!!!!!” ★★★★★Arrax Något av en juvel bland mycket grus på appstore. Extrem "ett försök till" faktor! ★★★★★DeinBaum ”Endlich ist es da! Macht super viel Spaß, lohnt sich auf jeden Fall!” ★★★★★Ruminions ”Un jeu fort sympathique, aux graphismes accrocheurs et au gameplay intéressant. Un peu de coordination et un zeste de patience font le gros du jeu. Quant aux bruitages ils sont à tomber. Un jeu parfait pour le métro!” -----------------More about Pebble Universe at: http://www.pebbleuniverse.com♥ Thank you for playing Pebble Universe

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