Penguin Rescue


Penguin Rescue is the most fun game to play!Guide the penguin through a unique puzzle (action) world to save his kidnapped wife from the Jelly Bean Monsters. Enjoy crisp retina display graphics and an engaging storyline in this never seen before mechanic on the App Store. Enjoy fantastic retina graphics, Boss Battles, amazing power-ups and an engaging and evolving storyline in a brand new game mechanic on Google Play.Later in the level you need to learn how to fly and use the jetpack to fly from platform to platform… also you need to learn how to jump from platform to platform.The game feels like the old days of the SNES system, just fun and easy gameplay… You will be busy for many hours to reach the end of the 40 levels and the extra Boss levels! And when the game has reach the last level ‘will this be the last level?’Penguin Rescue is a charming adventure laid out on a new and addictive game mechanic on Google Play.You touch and hold the platforms so they become solid (the platform will light up) then the little penguin can continue his journey to rescue his wife. Unlike a typical puzzle game though, Penguin Rescue throws in some real action in the mix, with epic boss battles, amusing cut-scenes, mini-games and more!Penguin Rescue also really takes advantage of the multi-touch capabilities of the Android/Tablet/iPhone/iPad with intense action puzzle that require quick thinking and fast fingers.It is just the ‘Feel Good’ game on the Google Play Market, check out the YouTube video of the gameplay and intro, or directly buy the Penguin Rescue game and let the Fun begin!44 Levels FUN Gameplay for all ages!Try also our other games: SkullForce, Jetpack 2012, Jetpack War, Sheep vs Aliens, Sushi Ninja, Rescue Lemmings, and many more…

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