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One-tap makes you look great! Apply a natural touch-up or a sizzling makeover to your face with amazing results. Perfect365 is a one-of-a-kind portrait app that allows anyone to easily select trendy makeover styles or fine-tune every detail of their face to get perfect portraits. It's fun. It's easy. You'll want to enhance all your party photos and share them with everyone!Key Highlights:•One-Tap Touch up and Makeup - Choose from predefined one-touch cleanup and makeover styles•Instant Facial Feature Mapping - ArcSoft’s algorithm allows for accurate mapping of facial regions•Cleanup Features – Remove blemishes and dark circles under the eyes, soften skin, and whiten teeth•Enhancement Features – Deepen smile, enhance the nose, lift cheeks•Makeup Features – Adjust color and intensity on skin, lips, eyes, contact lenses•Unlimited Creativity – Settings are adjustable allowing for unlimited looks and styles•Before and After Comparison – Easily review before and after enhancements•Customize Key Points – Adjust key points for tilted and off-center profiles •Updated Style Templates – New styles offered regularly as free updates•Built-In Sharing – Share to Facebook. Share to Twitter. Share to Flickr•Saved Looks – Save favorite looks for sharing and comparingFrequently Asked Questions:Q: I’m having trouble moving the key points. How do I move them?A: We recommend using the pinch gesture to zoom in to the desired key point to make it very clear exactly which point you’re trying to move. When the whole image fits in the screen, the key points can be very close together and difficult to individually select. Second, you need to tap and hold the key point for a couple seconds until the magnifier appears just above your finger. The appearance of the magnifier means you have the key point properly selected. If you tap too quickly and pull your finger away from the screen, the key point will not be selected. Also, if you tap and hold, but don’t see the magnifier appear, you may find that you have the image selected and it will scroll the image if you move your finger. You “missed” selecting the key point—try tapping on it again.Q: I have a picture with a face in it that says no face was detected. What happened?A: Generally, the problem is with the source image. These are the most common reasons: 1. Subject should face directly at camera. 2. Use a high resolution photo. 3. Ensure the face is the primary region of focus. 4. Make sure to have sufficient lighting. 5. Make sure the face is large enough. If it’s too small, there’s may not be enough detail to work with.If you think that none of these apply to your picture, we’d be happy to take a look at it and see if our face detection algorithms can be improved to support it. Contact us at and attach the problem picture.One-Tap Beauty Styles:Face Makeup 01: NaturalFace Makeup 02: AngelFace Makeup 03: OceanFace Makeup 04: BreezeFace Makeup 05: SmokeyFace Makeup 06: VelvetFace Makeup 07: RoseFace Makeup 08: CharmFace Makeup 09: FrostyFace Makeup 10: GlowFace Makeup 11: SilkFace Makeup 12: TropicsFace Beauty Enhancement Tools:Face Enhancement 01: Slim FaceFace Enhancement 02: Lift CheeksFace Enhancement 03: Enhance NoseSkin Beauty Enhancement Tools:Skin Enhancement 01: Blemish RemovalSkin Enhancement 02: Remove Dark Under-Eye CirclesSkin Enhancement 03: Brighten SkinSkin Enhancement 04: Soften SkinSkin Enhancement 05: Add BlushEyes Beauty Enhancement Tools:Eyes Enhancement 01: EyelinerEyes Enhancement 02: Eye ColorEyes Enhancement 03: EyelashesEyes Enhancement 04: Eye ShadowEyes Enhancement 05: Brighten EyesEyes Enhancement 06: Enlarge EyesMouth Beauty Enhancement Tools:Mouth Enhancement 01: Deepen Smile Mouth Enhancement 02: Whiten TeethMouth Enhancement 03: Add LipstickKeywords:face beautify, photo editing, photoshop, lipstick, virtual makeup, beauty portraits, eyeshadow

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