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Android Application Permission CheckerThe android application permission checkerThe permission of the android application program (authority) is checked. Permission Viewer .This software can be used to back up the application. It made it referring to Taosoftware co,.ltd tSpyChecker and ElectricSheep Android System Info. The security of Android and the authority concerning individual information are displayed by the icon display. I think that can it help you in the discovery and the self-defense of the application in which it is malicious to check the authority concerning security and individual information and I help you to the protection of individual information and the terminal. "Execution", "Management", "Market", and "Uninstallation" of each application are quick and possible from the list screen. The state of the backup existence of App Backup & Reinstall (by NickyCho) is displayed as a defeat function. (This backup function is scheduled to be taken by the further version improvement. )This application program is light. The future is made easy to add the enhancement of the sort Key: Lookout Mobile Security Anti-Virus Free Mobile Security McAfee Mobile Security S2 Permission Checker Android System Info System Tuner Smart Flash Player Four In A Line Free Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers Audio Manager PowerAMP Music Player SMS Backup Pro S2permission permissions block denied blockerCIQ detector Carrier IQ Privacy Inspector

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