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Your own personal running coach! Just choose your distance; 1 Mile, 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon or Marathon and listen to professional coaching instructions voice-over your own music to guide you through each workout to your goal. The app schedules the workouts automatically and your coach lets you know when to run, when to change pace and when to rest. It’s easy and it works!Features include:-Optional GPS tracking and mapping of your route and workout data-Option to run without coaching - just track your performance-Built-in music player allows you to easily control and edit your playlist during a run-Share workouts with friends via Facebook / Twitter / email-Multi-language support-Automatically save your workout history - No need to sign up or log-inThe app comes with the first workout of each of these training programs free so that you can try them before making a one-time, in-app purchase if you want to continue your training. The ‘Just Run’ option is completely free and gives you unlimited use of the features of this app without the coaching.4 Weeks to 1 Mile Training Program:Designed for beginners, this program starts out slow, mostly walking, and gradually increases the intensity until you’re running 1 mile without any breaks. Each week consists of 3 days of training, each with a 5 minute warm-up, followed by a 10-minute workout and ending with a 5 minute cool-down for a total of 20 minutes each day.8 Weeks to 5k Training Program:This 8 week program consists of running and walking intervals that gradually increase in intensity until you’re running 5k without any breaks by the end of the program. There are 3 training days per week, each lasting 40 minutes.8 Weeks to 10k Training Program:This 8 week program is designed to get you into shape to run a comfortable 10k. There are 4 training days per week ranging in length from 30 to 70 minutes. It is designed for runners who can already run 3 miles. 10 Weeks to Half Marathon Training Program:This program is designed for runners already capable of running 3-6 miles and who are ready to move on to longer distances. Three workout days per week develop your speed, endurance and pace and will have you running a comfortable half-marathon in just 10 weeks.16 Weeks to Marathon Training Program:This 16 week program consists of 3-4 training days per week and is designed for runners already capable of running 6-10 miles. Some workouts focus on speed, others endurance, others pace, and have the cumulative effect of preparing you to run 26.2 miles by the end of the program. Are you ready for a marathon? You will be.Ready to love running? Ready to have a new favorite app? Personal Running Trainer is the most complete running app available. Download it now to get started or visit to learn more!

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