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Free 80's and 90's European video poker machine simulation (Jacks or better)!Includes Joker and old school European double up - guess high or low card!How to play (short, for detailed see at the bottom):- Begin by adding some credits. You can add up to 500.- Choose the amount to bet, between 1 to 20 credits.- Increase you credits to 20 000 and over to win the game*** *** ***Bug or problem? Please report it via the e-mail, not as a review comment. Thank you!Opinion or a suggestion? Please, send me an email! I would appreciate that! ;)*** *** ***If you think I've made a nice free and Ad-free app and I deserve a drink :) you can donate by buying the very same game on Google Play, called Petri's Video Poker [Donation].Since I'm doing this just for fun, don't expect things to be perfect [although they almost are :)]. I'm planing some cool new features, but I can't say exactly when, so stay tuned!How to play (detailed):- Begin by adding credits via 10 50 and/or 100 credits buttons. You can add max 500. - Choose the amount of credits to bet for each hand. You can choose between 1 and 20.- Press Deal to get a 5 cards hand.- Tap on a card(s) you want to keep (HOLD), then press Draw to replace the other cards.- If you've got a winning combination, it will become highlighted. Now you can choose to collect your winnings by pressing Collect or to double it up by pressing Double.- If you choose to double your winnings, a new screen will be opened, where you guess if the back-turned card is a high or a low one. Card 8 is a wild card and acts both as high and low. You can also take a half of the doubling amount if you don't want to risk much by pressing Take half button. When you correctly guess all 10 cards, the 5000 bonus will be added to your credits!- If you've got 20 000 credits or more, the game will stop. Then, you might be prompted for your name for the Hall of fame!Thanx for playing, and if you like it, tell your friends! :)

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