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DeveloperUbiquitous Software Solutions, LLC
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Phone Assistant is a small app to enhance your Android phone with extra features.....CUSTOM REPLIESPhone Assistant auto respond to specific incoming text message(SMS) with a custom reply.'Happy Birthday' can auto generate a custom reply with 'Thank you''Merry Christmas' can auto generate a custom reply with 'Merry Christmas to you!!!'Also good for car dealers and real estate agents. you can set up auto replies with detail information on items you are selling. Simply post the number and a code, the app can auto reply detail information about your item.....For example, You can create a sign to tell people to text a code (ie 123ELKDR) to your phone..Then create an auto reply to respond the details about your item..........----3 beds 2.5 bath2200 Sq ft new roofnew appliancesseller pay closing costnew price $175,000call me to schedule a visit--------BLIND REPLIESPhone Assistant can send blind auto responses to all incoming SMS messages.If a sender's number is not in your contacts, Phone Assistant will also request the sender's name in the response . You also can ignore unknown senders.Great for Radio and TV stations to contact their listeners/viewer.Radio stations can have text lines and push out ADs urls and/or more information about DJ, Shows, Community events, etc....AREA CODE LOOKUPPhone Assistant can look up the location(using area code) of phone numbers that does not have the same area code as your phone. For example, a notification will display when a incoming called is received....228-555-5555 Mississippi (Biloxi, Gulfport, Coastal areas)NEW CONTACTSPhone assistant can remind you to save unknown callers to your contacts after your call ends.....More to coming....

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