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Hello Ladies & Gents!Ever wished you could avoid all those "Unwanted Calls", like Old Boyfriends or Girlfriends who just don't get the Hint? Better yet the dreaded creditors and telemarketers who drive you up the wall!!! Well look no further! You will love this AMAZING new Android App! The best part it's only 99 cents and it works great!!! It's called PNA "Phone Number Avoidance" - The app is currently designed for several languages (English, Spanish & Japanese), blocks incoming calls and automatically sends text messages to up to ten (10) callers!!! Now you can avoid all those pain in the you know what calls. Phone's Ringing? Download the PNA App, Sit back and relax cause PNA has your back!Message Choices: • Msg1a – “You have the wrong number, please verify”• Msg2a – “I’m sorry, but I will no longer be accepting calls from you”• Msg3a – “Please direct any further communications to my lawyer at “XXX-XXX-XXXX”• Msg4a– “I am currently Negotiating a Financial Arrangement with the Business, please be patient”• Msg5a – “Please refrain from calling this number or I will be forced to call the Authorities”• Msg6a – “I am not interested in dating you, Please don’t call again”• Msg7a – “I’m busy at the moment, please try again in an Hour”• Msg8a – “I am not interested in discussing this further, Please don’t call again”• Msg9a – “I will not be accepting calls until after MM/DD(Month/Day)”• Msg10a – “Don’t call me, I’ll call you”• Msg11a – “You are really starting to Irritate Me, Please don’t call again”• Msg12a – “Don’t take this message personal, I just need a little Time and Space, Please Honor It”• Msg13a – “I will contact you, when I’m ready to talk”• Msg14a – “A PPO - Personal Protection Order is now in Effect, Please Honor It”• Msg15a – “I know you’re waiting for me, I’m on my way”• Msg16a – “No Text Message will be Sent, Call will be Blocked”

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