Phone Setting Master


This apps let you quickly set up most important settings in just few simple steps.You just need to download this application and set-up as per your preference. Followings are settings that we provide. 1. Vibration at call end setting-> Phone vibrates when call is finished. You know when call is finished. 2. Vibration at call connection setting-> Phone vibration when call is connected. You do not need to hear ringtones until phone connection. Start taking after phone vibrates. 3. Sound off when flip over the phone setting-> What can you do when your phone rings while you have important meeting.You just need to flip over your phone to sound off (mute ) ring tones. 4. Shake phone to answer the phone setting-> Sometime you may difficut to touch the phone screen specially when you drive or wearing a gloves. You just need to share phone to answer the phone. 5. Receive call by Volume buttom setting-> You just need to press volume button to answer the phone. 6. Call end by power button-> Press power buttom to finish the call. For further questions or any inquiries, please send e-mail to

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