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Phone Theme Shop Season 2! Came back with more robust content.==========================================? ? core functions! ? ?1. Provides Full HD wallpapers every day!2. KakaoTalk / Tictoc / MyPeople themes, such as providing messenger theme!3. GoLauncher / keypad, and provide decorating materials.4. Indicator decorating / providing a variety of themes!5. Offer Ringtons and Alarm==========================================? Details Glance1. Full HD Wallpaper- That is updated every day offers a new wallpapers- Preview Full Image for one click2. Live Wallpaper- Provides Live Wallpaper3. Live wallpaper made by me- You can create your own Live wallpaper4. theme packages- You can decorate your phone by your favorite characters.5 Various SMS, GoLauncher series theme- KakaoTalk, KakaoStory, MyPeople, TicToc, etc.

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