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In order for your computer to receive data you must first install software from the following web page: software is the perfect companion for anyone who is always using their computer. Phone To Computer is an application that will allow your phone and your computer to interact over your cell phone's wireless plan or by WiFi. This application allows your phone to control, send, obtain data from your computer. Your computer must have an internet connection for this to work. See below for a more detailed listing of the features available.It allows to you to control your computer the following ways:Use it as remote control for VLC, iTunes, and Windows Media Player (Perfect for an HTPC)!Move your mouse, click or type messages, or execute special key combinations(macros) on your computer directly from your phoneSimple one touch backup of all your most important files! Never lose those pictures again.View a file browser for your computer right on your phone. This will allow you to open a file on your computer from your phone, view properties of the files, delete a file on your computer from your phone, download a file from your computer to your phone, or open images from your computer on your phone.Take a snapshot of what's currently on your computer's main screen.Opens the webpage your are currently viewing on your phone on your computer (think reverse of Chrome to Phone).Allows you to takes picturesThe server web page also contains youtube video tutorials on how to setup the application as well as use it. If you have any questions or comments you can e-mail me at (You can easily send an e-mail by opening the app and selection menu -> Contact Developer).To see more of what is available on a given screen press menu on your phone and select 'Help'.Suggestions, Problems, or Feature Requests?Please e-mail me them at razs.apps@gmail.comSecurity:Please never hand out your password or computer software generated bar code to anyone who you do not want accessing your computer.Permissions:INTERNET - This permission is used to connect your phone to your computer and to serve ads if it is enabledVIBRATE - This command is used to provide feedback to the user for when they are dragging their mouseACCESS_WIFI_STATE - Used to determine if your phone should connect to your computer via WiFi or via 3G/4GCHANGE_WIFI_STATE - This will enable WiFi on your phone if your user preference is set to automatically enable it whenever using the applicationWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORE - Used to download files from your computer to your phone or to save images/screen shots from your computer onto your phoneACCESS_NETWORK_STATE/READ_PHONE_STATE - Required by ad providers to serve ads (if you have ads enabled)Several people using the MIUI ROM have complained about app compatibility. This issue is with the ROM itself and not with the app. In order to fix this please update your build.prop file. If that doesn't work please adjust your LCD density to default and then reboot your phone and clear market cache/data and try again.

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