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BEST ANDROID PHONE TRACKING AND REMOTE PHONE MANAGEMENTDON'T INSTALL THIS APP, IF YOU ALREADY LOST YOUR PHONE !!!!What would you do if your phone gets lost, misplaced or stolen? Get PhoneLocator Pro and you don't have to worry!PhoneLocator Pro is a must-have security app that will enable users to remotely track their phone position and remotely manage a complete suit of security features. Users have the choice to launch phone tracking and finding features from any computer with an internet connection, or from any cell phone by sending SMS requests to their lost or stolen device.Among features like phone tracking, phone lock, wipe personal data, ring at maximum volume, send calls log, owner info screen, PhoneLocator Pro provides absolutely unique features that you cannot find with other security apps:1. ACCURATE PHONE TRACKING AND LOCATION on google maps according to time interval and/or traveled distance.2. TAKE PHOTO ON UNSUCCESSFUL UNLOCK ATTEMPT will take a picture with your phone's camera and send it to your email, on unsuccessful unlock attempt. 3. RECORD AUDIO from your phone microphone to hear the surrounding area in which your phone is.4. STEALTH MODE turns phone locator pro invisible on your app drawer so you can have the app active without anyone knowing that your phone is protected.5. SIM CARD SWAP PROTECTION will guard against unauthorized sim change and will lock your phone on such attempt.6. AUTO ENABLE GPS gives you a more accurate position with phone tracking and location. Due to android security policies, this feature is available only to experienced users with rooted phones.7. UNINSTALL PROTECTION keeps the app safe on your phone. 8. UNLOCK WITH WIFI allows you to unlock on registered WiFi networks, and lock the phone when leaving a registered WiFI network.9. GREAT SUPPORT. Do not hesitate to contact us for further informationPhone Locator Pro is the right choice in terms of phone security, phone tracker, phone finder. We are providing the most comprehensive array of features aimed to keep you in total control of your phone, anytime and anywhere in the world.***FULL FEATURES***- AUTO-ENABLE GPS: provides a more accurate phone position with the use of GPS satellites (only to rooted phones).- ONLINE PHONE TRACKING AND LOCATE: web-based phone tracking / phone finder.- OFFLINE PHONE TRACKING AND LOCATE: sms-based phone tracking / phone finder.- OWNER INFO SCREEN DISPLAY- RING ALERT: find your misplaced phone by making it ring at max volume and at a predefined tone.- TAKE PHOTO: remotely activate your camera on your phone, take pictures and receive them on your email or Dropbox- RECORD AUDIO: trigger remote audio recording to hear the environment in which your lost phone is.- SIM CARD SWAP PROTECTION: lock phone on unregistered SIM insert.- CALLS LOG: receive complete calls log. - STEALTH MODE: do not display phone locator pro app in the android app drawer - hide messages to and from Phone Locator Pro- WIPE PERSONAL DATA: protect personal data by deleting it remotely from phone and/or also SD card, in case of phone theft.- AUTO LOCK: protect your phone by activating various options related to auto lock function: lock on phone sleep, lock if sim card is swapped, lock phone during ring alert, lock when leaving your registered WiFi networks (home, office...)- LOCK: remote lock your phone with an sms or web-based command. After phone lock you can also set Phone Locator Pro to take a photo, track the phone or start ring alert on failed unlock attempt.- AUTO LOCK & UNLOCK, based on the WiFi network your phone is connected to.- SURVIVES WIPE: if the app is installed as system app on a rooted phone. A backup of all your settings is necessaryDISCLAIMERPhone Locator Pro IS NOT A SPY APPLICATION, and it's in our policy to deny features like remote sms send or remote tracking. You CANNOT use this application to continuously monitor a device from the web interface !

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