Photofun: Digital Image Editor


Take the joy of digital photography and combine it with the thrill of darkroom editing! Photofun has some latest ultimate photo effects like dissolve, marble, diffuse and many more that you’ll hardly get in any other free image editor app.Photofun is a powerful free photo manipulation tools available in Android Market with tons of photo editing options and dozen’s of filters to turn your photo into the way you want! You can select your best pic from Facebook, Instagram, recent photos, gallery, any folder or can even take a new photo through your mobile camera. Photofun is a unique way of taking your original photos and boosting them to exciting new level. A free smart camera app with variety of fun image editing effects or photo editor effects like crop, rotate, blurring, sharpening, metallic shades, opacity, gamma correction, auto contrast, auto tone, blur, sharpen, oil paint, sketch, black & white high contrast, sepia and many more. You can enhance your photos by adjusting the brightness, saturation and contrast, clean up blemishes, run your photos through many different filters and more.This cool Photo editor app or digital camera app is a complete photo lab that also gives you the option of sharing your creations to all the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, twitpic, Instagram, picasa, flickr, g+, pinterest etc or saving it to your phone’s library or SD Card. Features:1. Use Editing options such as crop, rotate, flip, brightness to fix your photos .2. Apply/Edit several operations to one photo at the same time.3. Complete set of retouching magic color adjustment filters which can make the best of your portrait photos like channel, contrast, exposure, gain, gamma, gray, grayscale, Hue Saturation Brightness adjust, invert alpha, posterize, rescale, RGB adjust, solarize, threshold, triton and many more.4. Use photos from your instagram, facebook, gallery, any folders or from Camera5. Lots of blurring and sharpening filter like boxblur, Gaussian, glow, oil, reduce noise, sharpen, smart blur and many more to distort picture.6. You can undo effects and can preview image before saving.7. Super fast loading time!8. Very low battery consumption & easy to use user interface.Stay tuned with us as very soon; we will be adding new effects for your Android Phones like sketching, collage making, text clouding/word balloons, image resize, makeover/make up effects and many more.With so many photography apps available like cymera, Picsart, Picsay, Photogrid etc, it is extremely difficult to call any of them a ‘must have,’ but PhotoFun Digital Camera app comes very close to being just that!Tags: photo wall, photo grid, instaframe, photo editor, image editor. Note: The filters used are are open source and developed by JH Labs. The images used in the screenshots are under public domain. Also, the user interface designed is the property of CreatioSoft Solutions and shall not be used unless granted permission to do so.

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