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PhotoMemes gives all your photos a new life: organized automatically into beautifully designed theme calendars. You can create as many calendars as you like. For example, a calendar for your kids, a calendar for your pets or special moments of your daily life. Your photos are not just a bunch of unrelated images any more, they are organized automatically to chronicle your life, your kids ,your pets and any meaningful themes of your choices. You can specify different skin for each calendar. You can import all your photos into a calendar with just one click or import only selected photos into different calendars. You can take new photo or pick exiting photos from your phone for any days on the calendar with ease. You can add multiple photos to a single day with desired timestamps attached. You can adjust date, timestamp of photos on the calendars anyway you like, anytime you want.You can also apply special effects to your photos, and adjust the size, brightness, orientation of any photo on your calendars. Main features: 1. Create as many calendars as you like. You can customize their names and skins. There are eight built-in beautiful skins for you to choose from. 2. Import all photos from the albums on your phone into calendars with one click. All photos are arranged according to their creation timestamps. And you can change the positions/timestamps of the photos on calendars anyway you like. 3. Import only selected photos from your phone into calendars. 4. You can take new photos with built-in camera support, and the photos are added automatically into calendar with corresponding date and time. 5. You can pick existing photos from your phone, as many as you like, for any date on calendars. 6. You can easily adjust date and timestamp of photos on calendars. 7. View all your photos on map to easily review where you have been in any month, or on any date. 8. If you add multiple photos to a single day, you can either manually specify any of them as the cover photo of the day, or let the app pick the most recent one for you. 9. Create a high-resolution cover image for any month page on your calendar, which you can send out by email, MMS or other sharing tools already installed on your device. 10. You can choose how to have photos displayed, such as: in square shapes, or in the same aspect ratios with original photos. 11. You can choose whether to have photos displayed with a built-in photo frame or without.12. Add post-it style text notes to any days on calendars.13. Edit photos such as cropping, adjusting brightness, applying special effects.14. Support 4 styles of slideshow for you to enjoy your photos.15. Password protection.16. Timeline views where you can quickly locate all your photos across all years.17. Support tablets such as Nexus 7.Please note that photo editing features are available only on devices running Android 2.2 or later.(KW:photo, album, diary, picture, calendar, skin, theme)

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