It heralds to you who do not surely get used to whom, either. A ping drum and a photography strategy are got! The appearance like Prikuri is also said!? Popular anime "flower @penguindrumpic" formula application It is a recommended application with the pilgrimage-to-sacred-places function of a photography strategy. For details, please read explanation. It appears at last as an iPhone application!! the Mawaru pingdrum formula "photography strategy" perfect version — a photograph can be taken together with that penguin +alpha! the direction which loved the anime work, Director Kunihiko Ikuhara’s favorite fans, and the direction that liked girl revolution Utena can surely be enjoyed — it pushes — end — it is an application. With the charged version, it becomes an application of a pilgrimage to sacred places which cannot be used with the free minimal version and which can photo a frame specially. 16 things which were 42 patterns were added by the new version, and the usual number of frames became 58 patterns. the camera which will be random as for the penguin and others which is the appearance characters of anime, and will appear in a photograph if a photograph is taken — it becomes an application. it is not related to a story in the work of anime that penguin and others that moved, came out and delighted the fan can experience vicariously the anime which appears in your room daily through your iPhone camera — it pushes end it is an application. Such a method of pleasure is recommendation. 20 days are a day of curry every month… In a ping cluster, it is already a usual practice. The curry eaten on the day of the curry on the 20th is photoed! Oginome can also see the curry of an apple Purikuri Mr. feeling … a penguin and others nice a step Shot you also become a Princess of the crystal by things? survival of is not done — let’s omit. A time basket The Dabide image which is the recollections of Yuri’s (at the time basket Yuri) past appears in a holy place! going to Tokyo Tower — survival strategy!In addition future update Oginome MoMoka , and Watase There may also be true Watase Sanetoshi? The contribution to twitter of the photograph taken a photograph of and taken is attained. The hint of a place should check here. =>"" usually, a frame — appearance in the work — since the cut is used, it is the chance for a photograph to be able to photograph the comical figure of the penguin and others unfolded within the anime work together! ? The penguin of an animation cel newly-written work appears. ? It is easy contribution to Twitter. ? Selection of preservation size Preservation size can be chosen from "size", "inside", and "smallness." However, please keep in mind that it becomes a cause by which an application falls in the relation top size of a memory, except 4S. Since it is an application which will be numbed, in the stage, it is recommended absolutely. Bear which contributes a FabulousMax photograph to Twitter? .

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