Physical Examination


This application focused on health allows the user to calculate basic needs for routine consultation in a medical examination. The options are:The first menu (Calculate Body Mass Index):- Has the option to calculate the plasma creatine, body surface area and BMI informing their level.Shows the weight and the ideal weight range required confirming weight.The second menu (Calculate the rate of fat):- Allow the user to get the result of your rate of fat giving information such as the height and hip measurement.The third menu (Calculate the quantity of calories eaten per day):- The user enters values ??as weight, height and age as getting the calorie can be consumed per day, and then choose the level of physical activity practice some sport event.The fourth menu (Calculate by morbidity Waist-Hips):- Placing values ??as the waist, hips and stating the age, one gets the result of the assessment of cardiovascular risk and morbidity.

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