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by On June 6, 2011
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The perfect app for solving simple high school physics problems, including:Projectile motionResultant vectorsMass on inclineMass on springGreat for solving problems, or simply checking your answers.Unlike other apps, which only provide numerical answers or a sheet of equations, this app provides the numerical answers alongside a specific step by step explanation, complete with illustrations!This app provides different options to the user, including choosing what values of physical constants they want to use, and what pieces of information are given in the problem.This app will run on Android 1.6, but for the best experience Android 2.0 or higher is recommended.This app has been tested on the original Motorola Droid with Android 2.2.2, the HTC Rezound with Android 2.3.4 and 4.0.3, and the Coby Kyros MID7042 with Android 4.0.3, along with the emulator. Feel free to point out bugs/suggestions in an email ( This can be done within the app.********************Updates to look forward to:*More problems! The next problem will be a circuit solver, for the classic R, L, C, RL, LC, RC, RLC circuits of intro E&M.*More units! A more robust prefix system to include more options.Keywords: physics, tutor, projectile, resultant, vectors, incline, spring, solver, help, illustrated, guide

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