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Meow out your favorite song on a keyboard made of kittens!This music hall has gone to the dogs since these animated kitties arranged themselves to imitate a piano keyboard! Each kitty is well tempered, well behaved, eager to please, and in tune, but otherwise just like a real cat. Teach your new musical pets a song to sing today!This version records and saves your songs, and doesn’t show any ads.*****Read a small sample of the reviews from the Piano Cat’s successful Apple iTunes App Store tour (top 100 all across America and Europe!):"I Love This App" by subito123 (USA)"Love it love it love it. Meow""Fantastic and Funny" by LadyJamers62 (USA)"Got this for the fact it is cats, keyboards and most important – free. But, this is too cool! You can actually play songs with using the cats meows. Get this for a laugh!" "Amazing!" by MorganPaige (USA)I could play this for hours!"Hilarious!" by Spunkles1 (USA)"We were laying here in bed and downloaded this. Our adult male cat freaked out and came flying onto the bed meowing and trying to bite my arm holding iPhone. Pulled covers over us and playing it and he is going nuts. To darn funny!" "Awesome!" by Rats Rock (UK)"Puts a smile on my face always and confuses my cat which is really funny. This app is great!""Brilliant!" by Godbehere (UK)"I could play twinkle twinkle little star in seconds! And my children love it!""Great" by GraceHoppyy (UK)"Really good and soo addictive!""Superb!" by Cat Facr (UK)"Such a funny app! Do more animals!""Purrfect" by Misselainey (UK)"Lots of giggles and fun have almost got happy birthday down.""Excellent" by Garxor (UK)"Just love this app…as do my kids – nice one!! Thanks.""Awesome" by Andrew_ (UK)"It’s like a piano with cat noises, genius.""Awwww" by To cute to resist (Canada)"I love kittens and this app is just too adorable :)""This App is Full of Awesomesauce" by Irelandrules (Canada)"Whether you’re extremely bored, impressing a friend, or entertaining a kid this app is great! I especially love playing chopsticks on it!""Totally AWESOME!!!" by prettyswimmer124 (Canada)"Its awsome if u play piano cuz u can play scales but try sliding ur finger across all the white cats!! Its really awsome!!""Awesome" by Shaljar (Canada)"The best piano I’ve seen."

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