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Click the numbers as fast as you can! But be careful, for a mistake will cost you the game. Simply addictive, deceptively hard.Objective:Click the numbers 1-25 in order, without making a mistake, in order to reach the next level. Try to finish in under 30 seconds to earn bonus points.Bonuses:Unlike most games, bonuses in Pick The Numbers are affected by the previous round more than the current one. For example, if you finish a round quickly, during your next round each block will be worth more. How much more depends on how quickly you finished the round.Additionally, each successfully completed round gives you a Level Bonus. The size of the Level Bonus is determined by the Level # and how well you did on the previous round. The faster you finished the previous round, the higher your level bonus on this one one will be. If manage to touch all the numbers in order in under 20 seconds you'll get a very big bonus.Bonus StackingBonuses stack up, so the best way to earn points is to consistently finish levels in under 30 seconds. As long as you finish in under 30 seconds, your bonuses will keep adding up - scoring you tons of points. If you finish a level successfully but it takes you longer than 30 seconds, you won't get a Game Over but you bonus schedule will start from 0.Pick The Numbers is an original number game for Android. Its intended for children and adults of all ages.

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