PICTO Kawaii PhotoEditer❤


❤❤❤ PICTO is KAWAII camera app ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Free stickers, frames, filters more than 300 ❤❤❤Decorate, and create kawaii and colorful photos!PICTO, the sticker is pixelated retro camera app features♪Download for FREE!♪ Use the stickers and frame of more than 300 free, let’s create a full picture of your personality just decorate!♪ To save or send by e-mail, pictures to decorate you can share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter❤♪ This is of course unlimited filters that would be able to whitening, toy camera, sepia!♪ There is also a stickers or disguise beard and wearing a ribbon, they can transform into girl cartoon character❤Please look forward to it and frames and stickers is a plan to add in the future!Supported languages: English, Japanese, ChineseCompliant version: Over Android1.6

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