Picture Frame


Generally speaking, the picture frame is a decorative edging for a picture, intended to enhance it, make it easier to display, or protect it.This picture frame here is different from a traditional frame. It is more like a photo. But it has its function of enhance pictures in it. Add pictures into frames: 1. Choose a frame for your photo. One at a time. 2. Add the picture into frame. Click sd card logo to open your sd card and pick photos. 3. The photo will appear in the frame. Maybe it is not suitable perfectly. The size of your photo can be adjusted here. Or you can cut a piece of your photo as a individual one to edit and beautify. 4. Click the save button to save your new photo, and you can give it a name. 5. All your adjusted photos are displayed in the complete section. Have a look at them. The picture with its frame in this app is more like a combination of two pictures. Although you can¡¯t get a real photo frame from this app, but as if this could make the photos more pretty, why not? If you like this app, please give us 5 stars, your support is very important to us. Thanks. >>>>>> This app is free. It is icon or notification ads supported.———————————————————————–

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