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Have you ever considered organizing all the photo and video files you have stored in your smartphone, and given that up? Well, here is an app that can help you manage all those pictures much easier than the apps readily available on your handset.This app is developed by Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc. (SDNA)Features:- Easy access to the files a. The two-pane view The two-pane view of picture manager allows you to access the pictures quickly, without digging into the folders and finding yourself lost in the file system. Simply select the folder you want to see in the left pane, and find the pictures in the right pane. b. Finding pictures quickly using sort function The pictures can be sorted by title, file name, file type, date, and file size. – Organize your pictures as you wish a. Organize pictures using labels and ratings The labels and the ratings help you manage your pictures without moving the actual location of the files within the file system. b. Copy, move, or delete pictures / Create new folder picture manager allows you to select multiple pictures to copy, move, or delete them all at once.- picture rater You can also use "picture rater" – a game-like app to help picture manager users rating photos in the handsets.http://www.sonydna.com/sdna/e/products/picturerater/index.html/Permissions:modify/delete USB storage contentsmodify/delete SD card contents- To show a list of pictures and play videosFor more information, please refer to:http://www.sonydna.com/sdna/e/products/picturemanager/index.html/Tested models:http://www.sonydna.com/sdna/e/products/tested_models.html/Photo and Video Solution From SDNA:http://www.sonydna.com/sdna/products/pr_pv/index.htmlSDNA Facebook Page:http://www.facebook.com/sonydna

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