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Pier Mobile Superhero is the ultimate protection for your Android device. In a world of ever increasing device theft, be comforted in the knowledge that Pier Mobile Superhero will secure your Android device and data if it is ever lost or stolen.Pier Mobile Superhero allows you to lock, locate and recover your Android device. Using your secure online vault, you can also backup your contacts in the event of loss or theft.——————————————————————————————————–Features:• Locko Lock your Android device remotely from your secure online vault or lock your Android device by SMS from another phone and we’ll send your missing device location back to that phone.o Sound an alarm to deter a thief from keeping your Android device.o Wipe your personal data from your Android device from your secure online vault.o Captured Pictures are uploaded to your secure online vault when locked to allow you to see who is using your phone.o Even when your device is locked, our software will still allow you to call your device.o The device is allowed to make Emergency calls even when locked.• Intelligent Lockingo Locks your Android device automatically if the SIM is changed.o Locks your Android device automatically after a period of inactivity.o Locks your Android device automatically if calls are made to phone numbers that are not stored in your contacts.• Locateo Locate your Android device with GPS accuracy, WiFi or Cell ID and see the location of your Android device using Google Maps and Google Street View.o If an SMS lock is sent from another device to your Android device, the device from which the SMS was sent will receive an SMS with your Android device location.• Contact Backup & Restoreo Backup your contacts from your Android device to your secure online vault.o Restore your contacts from your secure online vault to another device.• Recovero Pier Mobile Superhero has built in functionality that will allow a Good Samaritan to report your found Android device to the Yougetitback Recovery team.o The Yougetitback loss recovery team are available 24/7/365 to help you get your Android device back.Login to your secure vault at http://pierinsurance.com/3/yougetitback/——————————————————————————————————–Need Support?Visit http://pierinsurance.com/3/yougetitback/ and click the support link.Check out http://pierinsurance.com/3/yougetitback/ for more information.Take a look at a demonstration of the secure online vault:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NBg1sA9LAY——————————————————————————————————–About Yougetitback:Yougetitback.com, a global company, based in Ireland that develops solutions to give peace of mind to mobile device users, has developed Mobile Superhero.We combat the problem of protecting and recovering lost and stolen mobile devices by offering a fully scalable global solution that includes smartphone software, tablet software and laptop software combined with a powerful recovery service.

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