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The objective is to collect as many coins as you can using your Piggy Bank!Each scenario has a unique gameplay. You may use the collected coins to unlock new scenarios.FEATURES:* 9 scenarios* 11 different power ups/downs* 20 awards* 2 easter eggs* online ranking* kids mode* tablet supportSCENARIOS:* KIDS: This scenario is for beginners and kids. Use it to learn how to play!* JUNGLE: This is a jungle adventure. Trunks are breakable!* VOLCANO: Use your parachute and go down. Avoid lava platforms!* CITY: Always keep the lights on. Collect all light bulbs!* SPACE: Use your jetpack to fly. Do not crash on asteroids!* SKY: The traditional jump game. Up! Up! Up!* WATER: Always jump forward. Use sunscreen!* CAVE: Go down carefully. But don't fall!* SNOW: Watch out for slippery platforms. Don't get frozen!PREMIUM:* only power-ups, no power-downs* unlock all scenarios* 1000 coins bonus* no adsIf you liked this game, buy the PREMIUM version ( to help us create even better games!CONTROLS:* Accelerometer: tilt your device left/right to move Piggy left/right* Touch: touch the left/right half of the screen to move Piggy left/rightPERMISSIONS:* READ_PHONE_STATE - this permission is required by scoreloop, all games using scoreloop request this permission (example: Cut The Rope)MORE INFO:

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