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!!! FOR ALL THIS WEEK ALL OUR PRODUCTS FOR 1 EURO!!"Pillar Tools" is a useful tool designed primarily for pre-dimensioning of reinforced concrete columns.This tool will allow you to evaluate, with a small error, the section of a pillar whether you are in the site, for a business meeting or even during the modeling of the structure, allowing you not to oversize it.This applies to all applications that we have created.The application has two main tools: 1. With the first instrument is possible to calculate the section of the pillar. By inserting the weight on the pillar, the bending moment in the section, the characteristic values ​​of concrete and steel, the safety factors, the diameter of the steel bars, the base of the section and that's it. In addition to the numerical results will be shown the stress diagram.It is possible, starting from the base of the section, calculate the height and the reinforcement, but also make the verification of the section. The verification tool allow you to take into account the strength of the concrete in tension. 2. The second tool allows you to easily calculate the weight on the pillar and the section.Choose the column position (see diagrams), enter the number of floors above it, enter the weight per square meter of the floor and you're done.The application computes the section of the pillar and the weight at the base of it.This second tool, calculates the column's section with simplified assumptions. . characteristic compressive strength of concrete = 4 MPa .. percentage of the steel section = 1.5% ... the sectional area is increased by 20% to account for bending moments not calculated.This is a highly simplified method for a very quick calculation of the section of a pillar.* The application and the graphics are valid for positive values ​​of M and N.* If you think that this application can be useful for you, please rate it to support us.* Follow us on Google Plus and on our YouTube channel.*Download ours engineering product.-Beam Tools-Pillar Tools-Stairs Tools-Balcony Tools

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