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============= WARNING!! If you just installed or updated the app, be sure to launch it once or reboot the device to be sure that alarms are set!============= ========= Never forget to take your medication anymore!FREE Pill’sBox will warn and guide you when you have to take pills, tablet, ampoules, … all your prescription drugs!You just have to enter one medicine, the quantities for each time, take a picture and schedule it!Everytime, a reminder will be displayed, showing you how many medicines to take with the photo.It’s very easy for everybody, including elder ones. Taking a picture of their own prescriptions will help them remember!This version includes:* one medicine entry (you can purchase additional ones)* alarms customization – time – sounds (enabling and choice) – vibrate or not* unlimited timing schedule* taking pictures of meds* warning notifications with dialog The paid version includes all features of the FREE version and more:* unlimited number of medicines can be set* no ads* alarms with snooze every 5 minutes or not* and all coming innovations!

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